Vermont Manzanita

Platinum! (81.5 Points)
LEED® FOR HOMES v2008 12077


West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation
Hatch-Colasuonno + Relativity Architects

General Contractor
Dreyfuss Construction

Civil Engineer

Mechanical Engineer
JaycoCal Engineering
Electrical Engineer
G & W Consulting
Plumbing Engineer
JaycoCal Engineering

Landscape Architect
SQLA Landscape Architects
Solar Thermal / Photovoltaics
Promise Energy

Green Accomplishments

•  Optimize Energy Performance in Mid-Rise Buildings to exceed 33.6% savings compared with Title 24 2008 Standard

•  Quality air sealing and insulation installation resulted in achieving “Enhanced Compartmentalization” for greatly reduced envelope leakage

•  Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy System offset of natural gas and electrical grid connected loads for savings to owner and tenants

•  Implemented stormwater quality measures that exceeded LEED requirements and supports protection of our waterways which ends in the ocean

•  Reduced heat island effects, by providing 100% of the parking located under the building cover and the roof is a mix of high-albedo roof and vegetated surfaces

•  Reduced irrigation demand by implementing drought tolerant planting, eliminating turf, and implementing smart controls

•  Reduced burden on municipal water supply, high efficiency plumbing fixtures

•  Reduced burden on the landfill, project was able to divert and recycle over 87% of the demolition/construction waste

•  Implemented environmentally preferred building materials with low emitting VOC