Valencia Vista

Platinum! (83 Points)
LEED® FOR HOMES v2008 14062
National CORE
Humphreys & Partners Architects

General Contractor
National CORE

Civil Engineer
Dan Guerra & Associates

Mechanical Engineer
Gouvis Engineering
Electrical Engineer
Gouvis Engineering
Plumbing Engineer
Gouvis Engineering

Landscape Architect
HPLA Studio
Solar Thermal
Promise Energy
Advanced Onsite Water

Green Accomplishments

• Optimize Energy Performance in Mid-Rise Buildings to exceed 34.7% savings compared with Title 24 2008 Standard

• Quality air sealing and insulation installation implemented to greatly reduce envelope leakage and HVAC loads

• Solar Thermal System designed to offset 30% of natural gas loads for hot water

• Implemented stormwater quality measures that exceeded LEED requirements, which support protection of our waterways and ocean

• Reduced heat island effects, by providing 100% of the parking located under carports

• Reduced irrigation demand by implementing drought tolerant planting, eliminating turf, smart irrigation controls, and deploying drip irrigation for all landscape areas

• Deployed a gray water irrigation system, recycling water from indoor uses (bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and washing machines), which offsets 100% of the project’s irrigation demand

• Reduced burden on municipal water supply with high efficiency plumbing fixtures, including 1.1 GPF Niagara Stealth toilets

• Reduced burden on the landfill by diverting and recycling over 91% of the demolition/construction waste

• Used environmentally preferable building materials with low VOC’s

• Avoiding 59,719 lbs of CO2 Emissions per year through energy efficient design