Park 12

Silver! (66 Points)

LEED® FOR HOMES v3.0  13059
LEED® BD&C v3.0




Carrier Johnson + Culture

General Contractor

Turner Construction • Greystar

Structural Engineer

DCI Engineers

Civil Engineer

Kettler Leweck Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

MA Engineers • FDG Consulting Engineers

Electrical Engineer

Michael Wall Engineering • FDG Consulting Engineers

Plumbing Engineer

MA Engineers

Landscape Architect

LRM Landscape Architecture

Green Accomplishments
  • Integrated building design that exceeds California’s Energy Standard by a minimum of 15.1%
  • Project is located within ½ mile of 5 public and rapid bus lines, for better public transportation
  • Located within a ½ mile area of 10 basic community services for residents
  • Project provides 5% of preferred parking spaces for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures to conserve drinking water
  • Installed low-flow water fixtures reducing indoor water demand by 44.75%
  • Achieved 51.39% irrigation water use reduction with high efficiency irrigation and drought-tolerant plants
  • HVAC and exhaust design ensure an energy efficient and well ventilated building
  • Quality air sealing and insulation installation implemented to reduce envelope leakage and HVAC loads
  • All flooring systems provided are FloorScore® or CRI Green Label Plus
  • Improved indoor air quality with adhesives, sealants, paints, and insulation to meet LEED® VOC and Formaldehyde limits