Oceana Apartments

Gold! (68.5 Points)
LEED® FOR HOMES v2010 13053
AMCAL Multi-Housing
WHA | William Hezmalhalch Architects

General Contractor
AMCAL General Contractors

Civil Engineer
United Civil

Mechanical Engineer
GMEP Engineering Consulting
Electrical Engineer
GMEP Engineering Consulting
Plumbing Engineer
GMEP Engineering Consulting

Landscape Architect
MJS Landscape Architecture

Green Accomplishments

• Integrated building design that outperforms California’s energy standard by 40.1%

• Location conducive to walking, where residents can access 14 basic community services within a 1/2 mile area

• Landscaping designed with a high-efficiency irrigation system, and reduced use of turf grass, conserving water in time of drought

• High-efficiency plumbing fixtures to conserve drinking water

• Careful selection and management of building materials to minimize environmental impact, maintain healthy air within the living space, and achieve a landfill diversion rate of 70%

• HVAC and exhaust design ensure an energy efficient and well-ventilated building

• Exceptional building envelope performance that greatly reduces convective energy loss