Oakcrest Terrace

Gold! (76.5 Points)
LEED® FOR HOMES v2008 13092
National CORE

General Contractor
National CORE

Civil Engineer
DCI Engineering

Mechanical Engineer
Southwest Group Engineering Consultants
Electrical Engineer
Southwest Group Engineering Consultants
Plumbing Engineer
Southwest Group Engineering Consultants

Landscape Architect
RRM Design Group

Green Accomplishments

• Integrated building design that outperforms California’s energy standard by 34%

• Location conducive to walking, where residents can access 14 basic community services within a 1/2 mile area

• Landscaping designed with a high-efficiency irrigation system, and reduced use of turf grass to conserve water

• High-efficiency plumbing fixtures to conserve drinking water

• Building site designed so that 90% of the lot can absorb rainwater through landscaping, permeable paving, and infiltration features, reducing run-off and recharging the aquifer

• Careful selection and management of building materials to minimize environmental impact, maintain healthy air within the living space, and achieve a landfill diversion rate of 63%

• Termite prevention through non-toxic baiting stations at the perimeter of buildings and selective treatment of foundation contact framing members with borate solution

• HVAC and exhaust design ensure an energy efficient and well-ventilated building