Mar Vista Union Apartments

Platinum! (82.5 Points)
LEED® FOR HOMES v2008 12087
National CORE
Onyx Architects

General Contractor
Westport Construction

Civil Engineer
DCI Engineering

Mechanical Engineer
Southwest Group Engineering
Electrical Engineer
Southwest Group Engineering
Plumbing Engineer
Southwest Group Engineering

Landscape Architect
Landscape Development
Solar Thermal
Promise Energy

Green Accomplishments

• Optimize Energy Performance in Mid-Rise Buildings to exceed 55.2% savings compared with Title 24 2008 Standard

• Quality air sealing and insulation installation implemented to greatly reduce envelope leakage and HVAC loads

• Use of high efficiency ducted mini-split HVAC (20 SEER), sized to meet the reduced envelope loads

• Solar Thermal System designed to offset 65% of natural gas loads for hot water

• Implemented stormwater quality measures that exceeded LEED requirements, which support protection of our waterways and ocean

• Reduced heat island effect by locating 100% of the parking under the building cover, in addition to a high-albedo roof with vegetated surfaces

• Reduced irrigation demand by implementing drought tolerant planting, eliminating turf, smart irrigation controls, and deploying drip irrigation for all landscape areas

• Reduced burden on municipal water supply with high efficiency plumbing fixtures

• Reduced burden on the landfill by diverting and recycling over 81% of the demolition/construction waste

• Used environmentally preferable building materials with low VOC’s

• Avoiding 26,350 lbs of CO2 emissions per year through energy efficient design