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Holland Partner Group
Carrier Johnson + Culture

General Contractor
Holland Construction

Civil Engineer
Hall & Foreman

Mechanical Engineer
S Y Lee Associates
Electrical Engineer
S Y Lee Associates
Plumbing Engineer
S Y Lee Associates

Landscape Architect
LRM Landscape Architecture
Lighting Designer
Lighting Design Alliance

Green Accomplishments

•  Implemented building energy performance features estimated to reduce annual design energy-cost savings by over 20%

•  Designed landscape irrigation needs to reduce potable water demand by over 50%

•  Reduced burden on municipal water supply with high efficiency plumbing fixtures, resulting in an annual potable water savings of 43% equating to 3,790,250 gallons per year

•  Implemented environmentally preferred building materials on the project that equated to over 17% recycled content and over 20% regional materials (calculated as a percentage of the total materials cost)

•  Project was able to divert and recycle over 90% of the construction waste and demolition debris, reducing burden on local landfill

•  Provided residences with alternative transportation with four bus stops as well as covered bicycle storage for over 15% of the residential full time equivalent occupants

•  Reduced heat island effects, by providing 100% of the parking located under the building cover and the roof is a mix of high-albedo roof and vegetated surfaces