Ne+Posi+ive SF 2015

We attended the second annual Net Positive Energy and Water Conference on January 22nd and 23rd in San Francisco, California, hosted by the International Living Future Institute. Focusing specifically on Energy and Water strategies and exploring its unique impacts on public policy, the Net Positive Energy and Water Conference has become a short-form conference with high-impact opportunities in California.

While we enjoyed the several topic sessions for water and energy efficiency and building tours of innovative new facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area, the most pressing content involved the emergent policies toward water policy in California. While experiencing the most severe drought in recorded history, the mere hosting of this conference in San Francisco created impetus and initiative within the design community for water efficiency and water re-use strategies in our practice areas around the state.

We look forward to an even deeper dive next year as Governor Brown’s water policy initiatives see action through regulation. We look forward to sharing the water re-use strategies we are now deploying on several of our projects.