Living Future Conf 2015 Seattle

The International Living Future Institute annual unConference 2015 was held from April 1st through April 3rd in Seattle, Washington. Green Dinosaur had the opportunity to attend the conference and participate in several inspiring sessions.

Alongside Rose Fellow and representative of A Community of Friends, Brita Carlson, Green Dinosaur participated in a focus group session on the Living Building Challenge – Affordable Housing Framework. Brita presented a short summary of our Cedar Springs project, currently seeking Petal Certification under the framework. The focus group went on to explore, in a round table format, various considerations for energy, water, and materials requirements under the framework. It was a great opportunity to share ideas with the Affordable Housing Framework authors for consideration in future updates.

Featuring the theme of “Home”, this year’s keynote speakers explored the various perspectives on home through their conversations. Of particular interest was a unique “15 Minutes of Brilliance” prelude, by Daniel Wiens of Journeyman International where he shared the work and structure of his non-profit organization focusing on graduate student designed and built community resource buildings in developing countries around the world.

Finally, after conclusion of the unConference, we arranged for a guided tour of the well-known Bullitt Center. The Bullitt Center is the first Living Building Challenge Certified office building, serving as home to the Bullitt Foundation and the International Living Building Institute itself along with several other socially and environmentally responsible businesses. An inspiring building, we enjoyed the unique opportunity to explore some of the systems and strategies we have been exploring through several Living Building Challenge projects we are currently developing.