We believe that first and foremost to all organizations should be a commitment to the health, wellness, and long-term security of its people. Recognizing that our primary asset is our people, we have committed to providing an unparalleled benefits package for our employees’ security and that of their families. It is this commitment that has resulted in a long-term perspective towards the benefits and security we provide to our employees.

Work-Life Balance
Offering each employee, universal paid-time-off (PTO) in accompaniment with our paid holiday schedule, we offer a unique and flexible plan for maintaining each individual’s work-life balance. We also support flexible office hours to afford each employee the benefit of managing their own life commitments, while also offering us the unique ability to service our projects during the necessary time constraints required of the design and construction industry.

Benefits Coverage
Our employees enjoy a premier PPO Medical, Dental and Vision insurance package with 100% employer-paid premiums. Perhaps most importantly, we also encourage the security and peace of mind for each employee’s family by extending those employer-paid premiums to all qualified spouses and dependents. Unique to our commitment, the PPO plans we offer are at the highest tier of benefits with the lowest co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums, ensuring our employees’ health and wellness are at the forefront of their priorities.

Retirement Plan
We offer a 100% vested, matching contribution SIMPLE IRA to each employee at the time of their minimum employment term. In partnership with a unique financial planning partner, Invest Green, specializing in sustainable and socially responsible investments, our SIMPLE IRA plan affords each employee the opportunity to craft a unique retirement plan which fits their horizons and goals while furthering their own sustainable and socially responsible investment objectives.

Employee Protection
We are committed to assuring the long-term protection for every member of our team. Offering a unique suite of enhanced insurance protections, including Long-Term Disability, Accidental Death, and Basic Life with 100% employer-paid premiums to accompany the basic protections of our mandatory employer insurance coverages.

Training and Credentialing
We encourage continuing education and enhanced specialty credentialing. We support our talent with the necessary paid time off and reimbursement of fees and expenses to continue and enhance their own education and professional credentialing. We believe that their professional education and credentialing brings immense returns to our organization and enhanced value to our clients and projects.

Performance Compensation
We believe that compensation should be a direct reflection of the value that is brought to the organization. We evaluate each employee’s base compensation and consider performance bonuses in concert with our individualized, in-person, written and verbal performance review process twice yearly. This process breaks the mold of corporate compensation structures, and has proven to lead to rapid career development for our professionals regardless of prior experience.