Avenida Villas, Anaheim

Avenida Villas, Anaheim

Avenida Villas: a holistic approach to sustainability.

AMCAL General Contractors Inc. I Whitee Malcom Architects
Targeting LEED ® for Homes Platinum
Services Rendered: Sustainability Consulting & Administration I Energy Modeling I Construction Verification & Rating I Incentives Management I California Utility Allowance Calculations

Project Background

The Avenida Villas Residences is a 29-unit, three-story multifamily affordable residential housing building located in Anaheim, California.  The 32,365 ft2 project includes residential apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms on levels 2 and 3, and at grade parking and common areas on the first level. Some sustainable features include well insulated walls and roof, a solar hot water system, efficient lighting and appliances, as well as low-flow plumbing fixtures to cut-down on both water and thermal energy consumption.

Key Statistics

  • Estimated energy savings: 55.5 % better than Title 24 – 2008
  • Estimated water savings: 145,000 gallons/year (CalGreen Calculator)
  • Estimated avoided carbon emissions: 34,590 lb CO2/year
  • Solar thermal system designed to meet 70% of the domestic hot water consumption, annually

Link to Avenida Villas Case Study

September 11, 2011